E Cig -Cigarette Smoking 2.0?

If you’ve been hanging around the Internet, you’ve probably heard about electronic cigarettes as the new wave in cigarette smoking? But is it really true? In this article, we will tell you more about this product and how you might enjoy it.

An e cig is looks like a normal cigarette, except that you need a battery to light it, not a lighter. It contains three major parts: a battery, vaporization chamber and a small vial of liquid nicotine. When you puff it, the battery enables the vaporization chamber to turn liquid nicotine into vapor, allowing you to breathe and exhale nicotine.

There are many people who claim that an e cig is safer because it does not contain tar. But because of its nicotine content, it might even be more dangerous. It is possible to smoke nicotine in higher concentrations with an electronic cigarette – this is because you can buy nicotine cartridges in varying strengths. Obviously, there are those that have the same nicotine content. But there are also cartridges that have more or less. Still, others only contain liquid without any nicotine.

There are many regulatory bodies and people in the health industry that are not sure about an e cig being good for your health, but they are endorsing it as an alternative to cigarette smoking. The main concern regarding electronic cigarettes is the risk of inhaling pure nicotine. It still has to be determined how it can affect your health.

But aside from health concerns, there are concerns about how the quality of the products themselves. Many manufacturers do not disclose what goes into the vapor, that is, if they contain ingredients other than nicotine. Also, there are doubts if the nicotine cartridges contain the exact amount of nicotine found in their label.

Anyway, if you’re looking forward to easing that nicotine habit out of your life, you could try smoking e-cigarettes with a lower nicotine content. The good thing about these products is that they come in different flavors and some are even shaped like mini hookas (they definitely look more classy than the tacky regular e-cigs). Also, if you’re somoene who’s curious about smoking but don’t want the side effects, you can try them too.

When it comes to pricing, electronic cigarettes do cost less than your regular pack of Marlboros. A starter kit containing a cigarette body, vaporization chamber, liquid nicotine and battery costs between $12 to $200. The cheapest kits are disposable and you would need to throw them away after a day or two. The best starter kits costs between $60 to $70 and anything above that price is simply too expensive. Make sure your kit has at least two batteries, five cartridges, and two chargers – a USB charger and a wall charger.

Probably the most exciting part about these smoking devices is that you can smoke them in a variety of flavors. While the classic tobacco and menthol flavors are the most basic, there are exciting hookah flavors you can choose from: vanilla, schnapps, cherry and many, many more.